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Lenny Kopowski


Known for his strength in navigating the political environment, Lenny has built a 24-year long record of success. He has walked the halls of government creating personal relationships with key decision-makers. Armed with a passion for the political process, Lenny conducts himself with a strong sense of integrity. Always the vigilant observer, he provides his partners the critical information they need to succeed.


At MSC, Lenny leverages his lobbying skillset with remarkable business insight. This combination offers his clients value added that most lobbying firms do not possess. If you are contemplating moving your business to Louisiana, winning that state contract, or maximizing your investment, he can help.  All decisions are made at the intersection of business and politics. Having Lenny and his team will help guide you through down the road to success.


Lenny is a two-time graduate from the University of New Orleans with a degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning. He is married with two children. 

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